Njord Buoyancy

In floating production scenarios, pipelines such as flexible risers, cables and umbilicals are often required to be held subsea in specific geometric configurations designed to prevent over utilization of the system.

Njord DBM (Distributed Buoyancy Module)
  • Reduces top tension loads
  • Maintain project specific riser configuration
  • Fast, efficient and safe offshore installation
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Njord RBM (Rotating Buoyancy Module)
  • Eliminate rogue buckles
  • Predictable safe buckling zones
  • Reduce berm creation
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Trelleborg Subsea Spherical and Ellipsoidal Buoys
Njord EB (Ellipsoidal Buoyancy) and Njord SB (Spherical Buoyancy)
  • 100 to 6000 meter depth rated
  • Spherical or low drag ellipsoidal geometries
  • Custom through holes
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  • Low Density Syntactic Foam
  • Made from high grade Eccospheres®
  • Used in Deepsea Ocean studies
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  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances specific properties
  • Improves material processing
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Njord FBM (Flowline Buckling Mitigation)
  • Influence the movement of pipelines
  • Tailored solutions
  • Suitable for use on seabed
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Njord Linksyn™
  • Reduce umbilical failure
  • Controlled management of the umbilical
  • Buoyancy trimming of the umbilical
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Midwater Arches support pipelines and control systems as they rise from the seabed to the surface.
Njord MA (Midway Arches)
  • Maintain project specific subsea configuration
  • Design life up to 30 years
  • Supports and controls pipelines
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Njord MB (Modular Buoyancy)
  • Buoys range from 1 to over 100te
  • Easy to repair
  • Able to adjust the net buoyancy
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Njord NB (Nano Buoy)
  • Nesting design
  • Easy to use slings
  • Durable rotomolded shells
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