Stand alone performance monitoring solutions

Mimir Monitoring Clamp Solutions

Pipelines and cables are subjected to forces during their installation and operation in a subsea environment. Forces from such things as surrounding sea conditions, temperature changes, production fluid flow variances can create motions and vibrations in the pipelines and cables that can result in possible damage and premature fatigue if not understood and managed effectively. Understanding what is happening to a pipeline over a longer period of time than a standard ROV snapshot inspection, supports accurate long-term decision making. 

Mimir MC (Motion Clamp)

The Mimir MC (Motion Clamp) is designed to provide continuous monitoring and recording of pipeline motion data on battery power alone, through a state-of-the-art multi-sensor array. Mimir MC has been engineered to be a simple, independent, self-contained solution, for deployment along the pipeline. Capable of operating at depths of up to 3,000 msw, Mimir MC provides an effective solution for continual monitoring of pipelines in deeper waters, as opposed to sporadic inspection in environments where regular ROV deployment is more complex.

Mimir SC (Strain Clamp)

In addition to the functional benefits of Mimir MC (Motion Clamp), Mimir SC (Strain Clamp) adds the capability to measure, with a high degree of sensitivity, the curvature of the pipeline or cable it is attached to. Placed in critical zones on the pipeline or cable, such as touch-down, termination or buckle, the Mimir SC provides increased insight on fatigue utilization. 

Mimir MC (Motion Clamp)