Magni Solutions

Magni Solutions are designed to complement Magni Buoyancy so that there is a comprehensive level of support while ensuring seamless installation of riser systems.

Magni G (Grommet)
  • Centralizing of lines
  • Improved containment
  • Does not add to external profile
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Attachment Hardware, Riser Ancillaries, Trelleborg Offshore
Magni RH (Replacement Hardware)
  • Increased product lifetime
  • More robust
  • Secondary retention for the security of elements
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Riser Guard, Riser Protection, Trelleborg Offshore
Magni RG (RiserGuard)
  • Complete protection of bare riser joint and external lines
  • Same geometry as buoyancy
  • Abrasion resistant
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Magni SW (Storage Wedges)
  • Allows stacking of risers
  • Reduces storage space
  • Safe storage
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Magni RS (Riser Shim)
  • Economic protective cover
  • Same OD & geometry as buoyancy
  • Impact resistant
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Stop Collars are used to firmly hold the buoyancy elements in position axially on the riser joint.
Magni SC (Stop Collar)
  • Can be applied to any riser design
  • Multi-segment design for ease of installation
  • Advanced spray on liner for increased friction
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Riser Guard provides complete protection of bare riser joints and external lines during handling, storage, and drilling operations.
Magni SRG (Stackable RiserGuard)
  • Complete protection of bare riser joint and external lines
  • Same outer diameter & geometry as buoyancy
  • Stackable
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