Drilling & Downhole Operations, Protected by Magni

Drilling and downhole operations, protected by Magni - The Strong Choice

Protecting vital equipment in the drilling industry, such as ensuring buoyancy of the drill riser, demands engineering of exceptional strength and stability. Magni by Trelleborg is a unique series of polymer solutions engineered with the extraordinary resilience required to protect drilling and downhole equipment in the most demanding and remote conditions on earth.

Magni Buoyancy

The drill riser provides a conduit for the drill string and drilling fluids from the ocean floor to the rig. This has significant weight which must be supported by its own structure and ultimately by the drilling vessel. In order to reduce this weight in water to a more manageable amount, discrete buoyancy units are fitted along the length of the riser.

Magni Crushable Foam Wrap

Trelleborg’s Crushable Foam Wrap (CFW) is designed to be installed around the inner drill casing which is then immersed within the annulus fluid.

Magni Solutions

Riser Protection, protects people, structures and equipment from all types of fire and corrosion in the offshore environment, as well protecting the riser itself. In the demanding environment offshore it is paramount to ensuring on-board safety.