Week in the Life Material Testing

A 'Week in the Life' of a Material Development Engineer

Part 4: February 3

Today is our final day with Rodrigo, he is working on full scale mixing trials with a new fire resistant material. This new material will to be used in our FireNut™.

FireNut™ a light weight, easy to install rubber based fire protection system that specifically protects just the nuts of a bolted connection or flange. In stark contrast to the traditional bulky metal box, this lightweight solution is customizable to accommodate almost any bolt size, is easy to install and extends the service life in the event of a fire as it is resistant to both jet fire and pool fire.

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Week in the life

Part 3: February 2

Today Rodrigo is working with Grethe and Raymond inspecting rubber strips before being sent to side-extrusion process trials. The rubber is our new fire resistant material used as Passive Fire Protection for steel risers. 

The new fire resistant material achieves fire-resistance without external steel mesh reinforcement. This faster process also lowers cost when coating steel risers both in our factory in Norway and on site with our Mobile Production Unit.

The process trials were performed by side extrusion on a 8” steel pipe, and then later tested in our jet-fire rig according to ISO 22899-1. 
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Norway Materials Testing part 3.1

Part 2: February 1

Today Rodrigo is back in the testing lab. He is mixing test compounds for the next generation thermal insulation system; Vikotherm™ R3. Here you can see Rodrigo with raw materials ready to be mixed and tested.  

Trelleborg manufactures a range of thermal insulation materials called Vikotherm. These materials range from Rubber to Silicone. 

As you may know, thermal insulation is necessary to avoid formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-up in subsea structures. The build-up begins when the oil or gas composition temperature is not maintained and begins to cool. Without thermal insulation the cold seawater rapidly cools down the oil, forming hydrate or wax blockages making it impossible for a safe flow.

Our Vikotherm™ R2 system is flexible, robust and designed to perform in extreme environments. The three layer coating system provides HISC/corrosion protection and excellent thermal insulation properties.

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Week in the life

Part 1: Tuesday, January 31

Our ‘Week in the Life’ this month focuses on material testing at our Norway facility.

Our longstanding application expertise and thorough testing processes mean that the products we supply are of the very highest quality. Join us as we will follow Rodrigo Diaz, Material Development Engineer, around the testing department to see what exciting tests he is involved in. 
Today, Rodrigo is performing a bonding test between rubber and steel, with a sample of our Vikodeck™ material. The new fire resistant material option currently under development.

Vikodeck™ is designed to offer surface protection against blast, jet and pool fire in harsh offshore oil and gas environments. It can be tailored to withstand various chemical and mechanical conditions. In addition it provides excellent corrosion protection and anti-fatigue dampening support for the comfort and safety of employees.

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Week in the life