Trelleborg Tackles High Temperatures with New Flowline Insulation Covers

Trelleborg Tackles High Temperatures with New Flowline Insulation Covers

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has engineered a new insulation cover that not only withstands extremely cold temperatures at subsea depths but also, with the combination of a silicone liner, the extreme temperatures of hot hydrocarbons. The insulation cover achieves the highest temperatures yet accomplished and in addition, is significantly lighter than steel covers; not molded directly to the pipe the cover gives easy access to critical parts of the flow stream. 

Ben Wait, Customer Group Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation, says: “The new insulation covers are made from a combination of our trusted insulation systems including silicone Vikotherm™ S1 and polyurethane Vikotherm™ P7. They utilize the properties of cast systems which are poured in a liquid form and solidify to create the finished ‘jacket’, unique to the application.

“We’ve taken our proven knowledge in designing bespoke insulation systems and combined a silicone inner layer to withstand the high temperatures of hot hydrocarbons. The polyurethane outer layer is lighter in weight than traditional steel, to produce the ideal solution.”

As the polyurethane and silicone used in the insulation cover has previously been qualified, time to market was significantly reduced, meaning that it was quickly ready for use by our customers.

Wait continues: “This new solution provides piece of mind for operators, especially those who have previously experienced the success of our silicone and polyurethane materials. Our latest technological advancements allow us to cater to the increasing demands of the industry, and enable the systems to operate at ever increasing water depths and operating temperatures.”

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