Trelleborg Successfully Completes Wet Testing of NjordGuard™

Trelleborg Successfully Completes Wet Testing of NjordGuard™

Trelleborg’s offshore operation successfully completed a series of wet tests to verify the capabilities and functionality of its NjordGuard™ cable protection system for installation and removal on J-tube and monopile interfaces for offshore windfarms. In addition to passing all the tests, NjordGuard™ was installed and removed from the test rig without the intervention of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The testing took place at the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s National Renewable Energy Centre, an open access shallow water testing facility located in Blyth, England. The facility has been testing subsea equipment since 2002 and contains an artificial seabed and two still water test tanks. Trelleborg was able to perform eight full scale wet tests of NjordGuard™ covering a range of installation scenarios without having to go offshore.

John Deasey, Renewables Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in the U.K., states: “Deemed a complete success, the tests definitively prove NjordGuard™ is capable of installing into both monopile and J-tube openings and can be successfully removed without the need for ROVs.

“The test results provided a greater understanding of potential installation issues our customers might face such as pull-in and pull-out loads. We also gained valuable insights into the dynamics of the system to help further refine and optimize our designs to optimize performance for our customer’s critical applications.

“Currently available to the market for both array and export cables, further testing of NjordGuard™ will be an integral part of developing and enhancing the solution to meet our customer needs and further highlights our commitment to supporting renewable energy projects.”

Stephen Robertson, Head of Business Development for ORE Catapult, says: “It is essential for companies to be able to test their products in a controlled environment, allowing input into the design and installation procedures at an early stage. Our marine and subsea renewable testing facilities provide an excellent environment in which to carry out these kinds of tests.”

NjordGuard™ is an innovative protection system designed and developed to protect offshore windfarm power cables. Manufactured from API 17L certified Uraduct® material for both internal and external components, the integrated system boasts class leading impact and abrasion resistance. Designed with a smooth outer surface, the system requires minimal assembly, is easily extendable and can be manufactured to meet any diameter cable. NjordGuard™ is available to the market for both array and export cables of differing sizes and lengths to suit project specific customer requirements.

Trelleborg is at the forefront of technical evolution that provides the innovative solutions needed to meet the world’s growing demand for energy and is committed to supporting the renewables industry.

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