Trelleborg Showcases High Performance Plug Assist Materials at SPE Thermoforming Conference

Trelleborg Showcases High Performance Plug Assist Materials at SPE Thermoforming Conference

SPE Thermoforming Conference
31 August to 2 September, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia
Stand: 708

Trelleborg will showcase its entire range of Syntac® materials, including the companies popular Eccolite® Ultra at the 24th Annual SPE Thermoforming Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Eccolite® Ultra
Eccolite® Ultra is a tough material which meets the stringent standards for thermoforming plastic materials, which is compliant with FDA CFR 177.1630,  certifying its use in food packaging, above and below 250˚F (121˚C), dry food and alcoholic beverages. 

Improved productivity and accuracy of forming are ensured by the ability of Eccolite® Ultra to maintain its profile over millions of cycles at service temperatures of up to 392˚F (200˚C). Manufactured from a specially formulated epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres, it has an exceptionally high temperature characteristic compared with nylon based materials. 

Meeting customer needs
“Our family of Syntac® materials, including Eccolite® Ultra, are available off the shelf and are specifically developed to meet the changing wants and needs of our customers,” commented Rich Capuano, Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Downtime and costs continue to be a real issue for the industry, so to ensure plants continually improve their processes and control costs, engineers must be fully up to speed with the latest product developments so they can consider all the options open to them.

“As innovators in the development of syntactic composites for thermoforming plugs and other tooling solutions, we developed our renowned Syntac® range as a lightweight, durable and cost-effective alternative to wood, felt and aluminum. 

“The SPE Thermoforming Conference proves to be the ideal conference for us to bring our high performance products and solutions, direct to the people that benefit from them most,” concludes Capuano, who will be the on-stand expert at this year’s show. 

Syntac® materials
In addition to Eccolite® Ultra, the company will also display its well established Syntac® range of materials including Syntac® 350, 351 and 450, at the exhibition. These foam plug assists are produced using high purity, hollow glass spheres in a high-performance epoxy matrix. 

Manufactured in machinable blocks, sheets and rods these products are known for their outstanding consistency, low void content and easy, low-dust, high-speed milling.

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