Trelleborg Showcases Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation Materials at CMP 2016

Trelleborg Showcases Fire Protection and Thermal Insulation Materials at CMP 2016

Trelleborg’s offshore operation will exhibit at the Congreso Mexicano del Petroleo (CMP) in Monterey, Mexico, presenting its latest product developments. These include passive fire protection and thermal insulation materials for the Gulf of Mexico region.

Located on stand 397, Trelleborg’s offshore operation will present a number of advancements across its portfolio of topside and subsea products including its topside Jet Fire resistant Passive Fire protection (PFP) products.  Also on stand will be its Pemex NRF 127 approved deluge and sprinkler system, Elastopipe™, which is type approved for extreme conditions. In addition, Trelleborg will demonstrate its subsea flow control developments, including its entire line of high performance Vikotherm™ insulation materials.

Sales Manager within the Trelleborg offshore operation, Ole Bjørn Rasmussen, commented: “In offshore environments, fire safety is of the utmost importance, as the occurrence of fire can cause colossal amounts of damage and danger. 

“In accordance with current legislation, corrosion-free designs will increase the reliability and safety of installations worldwide - while at the same time, reducing fire risk and downtime. In addition, our Pemex NRF 127 approved Elastopipe™ design is able to meet the developing needs and requirements of the Mexican oil and gas industry.”

While at the exhibition, you can see the Elastopipe™ system first hand. As a corrosion-free, explosion, impact and jet fire resistant flexible piping system, its typical applications are deluge and sprinkler systems, utility and drain water systems, nitrogen distribution systems and chemicals and hydrocarbon transportation. The system is lightweight, durable and offers a 30-year minimum maintenance life, while its corrosion-free performance means system-testing frequency can be reduced to statutory requirements.

Passive Fire Protection solutions will also be on stand. The PFP material FireStop™ can be used for different topside applications to ensure safety comes first. FireStop™ is non-corroding and can withstand jet fires with a heat flux of 390kW/m2, temperatures above +2552 °F / +1400 °C and flame speeds that exceed the speed of sound. This makes it an ideal material choice for use on offshore oil and gas installations and ships, as well as other hazardous environments. 

Finally, Trelleborg’s Vikotherm™ range will be demonstrated on stand. The S1 is made from non-syntactic silicone and can be cured at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking. Vikotherm™ R2 offers improved elasticity, as well as enhanced process and manufacturing flexibility.

Using Trelleborg’s Mobile Production Unit (MPU), the system can be applied on site, anywhere around the world, providing customers the freedom of choice, when protection of their subsea architecture is a number one priority.

CMP is Mexico and Latin-America´s most important forum for scientific and technological exchange associated with gas and oil exploration and production. The goal of CMP is to stablish and unveil cutting-edge technologies with success around the world, in order to be applied in the Mexican industry in fields such as: exploration, production, drilling and industrial safety. 

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