Trelleborg Receives Buoyancy Order for New Build Rig

Trelleborg Receives Buoyancy Order for New Build Rig
As a leading global manufacturer of syntactic foam-based solutions, Trelleborg’s offshore operation has been awarded a purchase order from a major European Drilling Contractor for Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules (DRBMs). As a trusted partner, this is the 6th order from this contractor for their new build rig series.

Alan McBride, Vice President of Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Houston, says: “We are thrilled that our long standing relationship with this contractor has grown into a wonderful partnership. This additional order strengthens the relationship between our two companies and we are confident in our ability to deliver the buoyancy solution required to meet their needs.

“As the trusted supplier of choice for this opportunity, Trelleborg has been able to provide the entire stock of buoyancy needed for this exciting new build program and we look forward to delivering the buoyancy by the end of 2016.”

Trelleborg has a long-standing commitment to developing sophisticated syntactic based materials designed specifically to exceed market requirements and meet the demands of increasing service depths for the offshore drilling segment.

In order to reduce a drilling riser’s net weight in water, and ensure that the structure and drilling vessel are supported, Trelleborg offers a range of DRBMs, fitted around the length of the riser pipe, improving the riser’s buoyancy and protecting it from service damage.

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