Trelleborg Protects I-Tubes from Fire on Egina FPSO

Trelleborg Protects I-Tubes from Fire on Egina FPSO
Trelleborg’s offshore operation has secured a significant contract with a major shipyard to supply its unique fire protection technology, Firestop™, to 17 I-Tubes for the Floating Productions Supply and Offloading (FPSO) vessel Egina.

Firestop™ will enable the I-Tubes, additional riser pipes that allow pull-in of new production risers, cables and umbilicals, to withstand 120 minutes of jet-fire. The fire resistant material will be applied onsite in South Korea using Trelleborg's Mobile Production Unit (MPU), a transportable coating facility. 

Jarl Inge Skei, Passive Fire Protection Business Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation, says: “Fire risk aboard an FPSO is significant, making fire protection imperative. Our Firestop solution will ensure that the integrity of the I-Tubes is maintained in the event of a fire. By coating the product with Firestop onsite, our customer saves time and money by reducing transportation costs to a factory in another country, which would otherwise be required.

“Our MPU service is available for use by companies globally and is particularly beneficial to those working in markets where local content requirements are strict. By working closely with partners in the local area, we are able to combine our local knowledge with our global strength and capabilities that contribute to better business and cost savings for our customers.”

Firestop™ is a rubber-based passive fire protection solution which can be customized to meet the demands of specific offshore oil and gas projects and installations. By using a layered construction, Firestop™ provides corrosion, thermal, fire and mechanical protection. 

Applications for Firestop™ include rigid riser or tubular fire protection, flexible riser fire protection, ESD valve protection, escape way tunnel seal and protection of riser hang-off arrangements. The material is ISO 22899 certified by the International Organization for Standardization, confirming that Firestop™ can safely and confidently be used for Jet Fire protection within pipes and hollow sections.  

Trelleborg’s Mobile Production Unit (MPU) features a complete workshop and all consumables needed for onsite installation. It employs state of the art Firestop™ technology that withstands all types of fire, including jet fire, and offers blast and impact resistance. It can also provide advanced corrosion protection against all corrosive agents commonly encountered in the offshore sector. 

Work on the Egina FPSO will start immediately and is expected to be completed in quarter two 2016.

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