Trelleborg Launches New VIV Suppression System at Subsea Tieback

Trelleborg Launches New VIV Suppression System at Subsea Tieback
Trelleborg’s offshore operation will showcase its newest developments in flowline protection and subsea insulation solutions at Subsea Tieback in San Antonio, Texas. Located on stand 3097, the organization will launch its newest vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression system called Tri-Strake™ Combi and will demonstrate a number of subsea flow control innovations, including its high performance Vikotherm™ insulation materials.

Spencer Allen, Key Account Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation states: “The newest addition to our Tri-Strake™ range is the Tri-Strake™ Combi. Developed to complement the high performance S-Lay capable Tri-Strake™ Stinger system and the cost-effective Tri-Strake™ Lite system, Tri-Strake Combi eases installation and provides added resilience and load bearing capacity, even for stinger installation loads. 

Tri-Strake™ Combi
“Tri-Strake™ Combi features a unique modular design enabling more efficient transportation and installation. The established manufacturing process for Tri-Strake™ means it can be produced up to three times faster than systems manufactured using traditional techniques, ensuring shorter lead times.”

Pipelines unsupported over free spans, such as steel catenary risers and rigid steel flowlines, are prone to VIV fatigue, which can lead to serious issues such as pipe girth weld failure or premature pipe malfunction. To combat this, the Tri-Strake™ Combi comprises interlocking moldings, with three-start helical strakes.

The system's lightweight, hinged construction provides operators with a simple and rapid assembly method. While the customized high endurance material selected for the system not only provides added resilience and load bearing capacity, it also eases installation.  

Vikotherm™ thermal insulation materials
In addition, Trelleborg will give visitors to Subsea Tieback a firsthand look at some of our other innovative subsea solutions and will showcase samples of its popular Vikotherm™ range of thermal insulation materials.

Business Development Manager within Trelleborg’s offshore operation, Doug Marti, comments: “Our Vikotherm™ insulation range ensures superior joint strength, increased thermal conductivity and heat capacity, as well as flexibility and resistance to the hydrostatic collapse of flowlines. As environments offshore grow harsher, high performance insulation solutions become increasingly more important to ensuring optimum uptime and efficiency.”

Vikotherm™ R2 and Vikotherm™ S1
Two of the thermal insulation materials featured on this year’s stand include the Vikotherm™ R2 and Vikotherm™ S1 materials. Vikotherm™ R2 is a rubber-based material consisting of a three-layer coating system which provides total protection against corrosion and hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC). Similarly, its seawater, impact and creep resistance means that it offers excellent thermal insulation properties. Vikotherm™ R2 is suitable for jumpers and spool pieces, tie in spools, manifolds, subsea trees, risers and flowlines, joints, insulation covers and many more applications.

With the capability to be applied in any geographic location, this material can operate in temperatures ranging from -49 °C to +155 °C /-56 °F to +311 °F, and depths as low as 3,000+m / 9,843+ft. In addition, being almost entirely maintenance and absorption free, Vikotherm™ R2 allows for undisturbed, optimal high pressure and temperature flow performance.

Based on non-syntactic silicone technology, the Vikotherm™ S1 is ideal for risers and flow lines, subsea trees, pipeline end manifolds, pipeline end terminations and more, with operating temperatures of -40°C to +135°C/-40°F to +275°F and depths of 3,000+m/ 9,843+ft.

The material cures at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking. In addition to this, the absence of glass microspheres means it provides superior joint strength, increased thermal conductivity, long-term flexibility and increased hydrolytic stability. As it’s not restricted by geometry or thickness limitations, Vikotherm™ S1 can meet a broad range of application specifications.

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