Exhibiting at Topsides 2015 - Elastopipe - Flexible Piping System - Trelleborg Offshore

Trelleborg Showcases Range of Topside Solutions at Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Exhibition 2015

Trelleborg’s offshore operation is set to showcase its comprehensive suite of topside solutions at this year’s Topsides, Platforms and Hulls Exhibition in Galveston, Texas.

Located on stand 921, the operation will present a number of topside innovations including its United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved deluge and sprinkler system, Elastopipe®, and over bend control solutions such as bend stiffeners and restrictors, as well as advancements in its Passive Fire Protection solutions.

Doug Marti, Market Development Manager for Trelleborg Offshore, commented: “The offshore oil and gas industry continues to demand the latest technologies and innovative solutions for one of the most challenging environments in the world. Improved safety and performance for every aspect of the market is our number one goal. The Topsides, Platforms and Hulls exhibition is an excellent forum for Trelleborg to share our industry leading technologies and expertise on protecting both personnel and assets for offshore operations.   

“Committed to extensive testing, research and development, Trelleborg has an expansive product range which not only gives optimal performance at every level, but ensures that we are prepared to meet the demands of the topside market.”

Taking center stage will be Trelleborg’s USCG approved Elastopipe®, a corrosion-free alternative to carbon steel deluge systems made from synthetic rubber. Developed in Norway, Trelleborg’s Elastopipe® Fire Resistant (FR) and Elastopipe® Fire and Oil Resistant (FOR) solutions have been awarded the USCG certificate as a result of meeting the USCG’s approval for fire endurance standard of level 3 (L3) and level 3 wet/dry (L3 W/D).

With the ability to withstand jet fires with a heat flux of 390kW/m2, temperatures above +2552°F / +1400°C and flame speeds that exceed the speed of sound, this system offers much superior performance to its alternatives. Trelleborg has successfully installed it all over the world.

Trelleborg’s API 17L1 certified high performance dynamic bend stiffeners will also be on stand. API 17L1 is an industry standard that determines the minimum requirements for the design, material selection, manufacture, documentation, testing, marking and packing of flexible pipe ancillary equipment. Trelleborg’s offshore operation now has certificates of compliance for API 17L1 in all three areas; design, materials and manufacturing.

Trelleborg's bend stiffener is a polyurethane molding with a conical external profile and a central hollow cylindrical section allowing it to slide over the end of the flexible pipe (riser, umbilical or cable). The bend stiffener has an internal steelwork housed at its base which forms the interface between the polyurethane cone and the termination point.

Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Exhibition is the offshore industry’s only event dedicated to the topsides, platforms and hulls for both deep and shallow water. A comprehensive technical program presented concurrently with an exhibition, Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Conference & Exhibition covers the design, engineering, construction, transportation, installation, and modification of topside structures, platforms and hulls.