Accelerating Renewables Development Through Knowledge Transfer

Accelerating Renewables Development Through Knowledge Transfer

Accelerating Renewables Development Through Knowledge Transfer

Trelleborg will be sharing its offshore expertise with the renewables industry when Phil Walsh, Business Development Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Houston, presents as a panelist at this year’s Offshore Wind Executive Summit, which takes place from August 9-10 in Houston, Texas. He will focus on the parallels between wind energy and oil and gas operations, discussing the way that oil and gas experience can benefit wind energy operations.

Walsh states: “The way the world thinks about renewable energy has transformed. It is no longer just a concept but a reality. Wind power is becoming increasingly popular, and forward-looking companies, like Trelleborg, are adapting oil and gas solutions for use in the renewables sector. By transferring oil and gas industry knowledge and expertise to renewable energy we can shorten the development time for new concepts.

“I believe the offshore oil industry can contribute in four main ways to the offshore wind industry. It can provide proven technologies and experience from offshore applications that can be tailored to offshore wind applications. It is able to maintain a high standard of safety and compliance levels for product design, manufacture and installation. It offers innovation and pushes the boundaries and finally allows engineers from suppliers and customers to work together collaboratively.

“In these four ways, Trelleborg has found that its passion for innovative polymer engineering in the offshore oil and gas sector has helped accelerate performance for its customers in renewables. We will be discussing this and more at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit.”

The 2017 Offshore Wind Executive Summit will bring together decision makers from wind and offshore oil and gas, both from the U.S. and Europe. Using many of the same technologies—design, foundations, vessels, cabling and a highly skilled workforce—offshore oil and gas experts play an important role in the advancement of U.S. offshore wind. This event will give attendees the chance to develop what is necessary to advance the U.S. offshore wind industry.

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