New naming structure

Why use a Norse naming structure?

Many sailors, wanderers and truth seekers have invoked the Norse gods for protection over the last two millennia. These gods have transcended Scandinavian oral history, blossoming into diverse cultural memories through operas as Wagner’s Die Walkure, films as Kenneth Brannaugh’s Thor, and characters in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. They are reminiscent of a culture seeking protection, safety, and dependability. To symbolize its protective solutions, Trelleborg has chosen Norse gods that are descendants from two lines of gods, Vanir and Aesir; these clans merged during an epic battle, becoming stronger and more powerful as a united family.

The first to discuss is Vor, the goddess of knowledge;  her name means “aware” because she unearths all things in order that she might know them.  People often immerse themselves in a quiet repose when they ask her to reveal hidden truths to them, as she has the gift of providence and foresight for a better future.  Magni is the god of strength and Thor’s son. When Thor defeated Hrungir the giant, one of the giant’s legs pinned Thor to the ground. Many of the gods from Asgard (the Aesirs’ homeland) tried to release Thor and failed. Magni, who was just three years old at the time, took his turn, and to the other gods’ irritation, hurled the giant’s foot from Thor’s neck, saving his life.  Njord, the god of sea, wind and fire, can calm the oceans and control the winds, and many seamen and women believe that if they appeal to him before going out to sea, their journeys will be prosperous.  Odin, Vor’s nephew, is known for his wisdom, and in his unremitting search for knowledge, he plucked out his own eye and allowed himself to be impaled with his own spear in order to gain wisdom and power over the nine worlds.  Odin’s son, Thor, is the god of protection, and is most recognized for wielding his hammer and for his kinship with humans, but he also has the ability to buffer weather by ridding the world of snow and calling warm spring rains upon the earth.  

While their talents are diverse and their stories varied, the members of this family hold commonalities: their ability to protect, to provide safety and dependability. And these traits, along with the gods being stronger and more powerful as a combined unit, are shared with the products and experience at Trelleborg Offshore. Click on the individual Norse gods to navigate product segments and their symbols of protection for your offshore needs.