Listening to our Customers part 2

june 2019

Since the downturn in oil prices, we took extra time to find out what our customers’ needs were and what challenges they were facing. We reviewed these and brought our business strategy into alignment. In order to really focus on the issues currently facing our customers, we started working on building strategic partnerships with innovative companies to provide the products and solutions they wanted and needed. Through these partnerships, we have been able to integrate our material and manufacturing expertise to bring several developments to market.

Through one such partnership, we were able to launch and validate a helically grooved buoyancy design that effectively eliminates Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) in high currents, with the added bonus that drag loading on the riser is also reduced to a level comparable with fairings.

In addition, we are developing our internal technical capabilities through our Engineering Analysis team. This team is able to refine concepts, feasibility, and designs through numerical modeling using computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. This allows us to incorporate requirements for product performance, development, and operation lifecycle maintenance throughout all stages of development and enables us to offer a more integrated solution while greatly speeding up the optimization process.

Antony Croston

Antony Croston

Business Group Director