Internships at Trelleborg Offshore Norway

It is a great thing to welcome young talent and work with them to innovate and create change in a global company. Our Norway site has welcomed a group of five talented students to lead a project based on developing an efficient digital information flow, concerning our production process. This digitalization will not only improve the sharing of information between colleagues during production but also between ourselves and our customers. 

Simona Gibalová is currently completing a master’s degree in Digital Business Transformation at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and is one of the assigned project leaders. The second project leader, Eline Henriksen Odnes, is also enrolled at NMBU undertaking a master’s degree in Business Analytics. Together, Simona and Eline began working on the first phase of this project in February, by mapping the documentation flow in the coating department at our Trelleborg Offshore site in Norway. Their interest and motivation led them to receiving a formal internship where they experience project-based work on the site every day. Based on the information Simona and Eline have collected, they have analyzed the potential for improvement in several areas. This was presented to Trelleborg through a prototype representing digital documentation in the coating department. 
Hans Leo Hals

Hans Leo Hals

Managing Director
Simona and Eline have been working together with developers’ Ingrid Maria Mørch, Anders Mathiesen and Kristian Gunder Kramås, the other students involved in the project. As the developers, these three students are responsible for developing a Minimum Viable Product by the end of summer for testing. Ingrid is enrolled in Civil Engineering at NMBU, specializing in energy physics and economics. Her growing interest in programming has led her to use her expertise in creating a system that automatically tailors a PDF report for each customer, with the documentation of their purchased product. This report is constructed based on information stored in a database, which has been inserted into a user interface by Trelleborg engineers during the production process. Anders is currently studying Machine Engineering at NMBU and is using his developer expertise to be the main person responsible for the “back-end” structure of the database as well as the functionality of saving data. Lastly, Kristian is undertaking a master’s degree in Data Science at NMBU and his main area of expertise regarding the project lies within digitalizing the user-interface. 
Project Leader, Simona states “We are really enjoying being involved in such a project, it is something that motivates us as we have been given the opportunity to learn outside of an academic environment and put theory into practice!”. Both project leaders have the responsibility to manage and ensure the progression of the project, identify risks and document all work processes. 

Although most of us will have enjoyed our summer vacations away from the office, our group of five hard-working and motivated students have been focusing on their internship, pushing the limits within Trelleborg Offshore and looking for new opportunities to improve our processes.