End of an era

End of an era october 2018
As we draw to a close on the manufacturing site in Houston, it’s both sad and exciting. Having been with the original business that started the Houston office back in 2000, change has been the number one challenge through the years. We started in Houston with 2 sales managers, 1 project manager and a President.

Through the years, the business continued to grow by acquiring the ECCM Corporation in Boston (now, Trelleborg Applied Technologies) which gave the business manufacturing capabilities in the US. Further growth included merging with the biggest competitor, giving the business manufacturing to support the drilling market in Houston. 

With all the growth and demand in the industry the original sales office was closed, and sales and projects moved into the Rankin Road facility. Other capabilities were added giving the business both polyurethane and syntactic manufacturing in Houston and Boston. 

Eventually outgrowing the Rankin Road office facilities, we moved to a world class office as we continued to grow under Trelleborg. As the oil and gas industry goes, there was a down turn and from the office facility we moved back to the Rankin Road. The industry continued to stall, and we are now sadly seeing the final drilling buoyancy module manufactured in the Rankin facility. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, this has opened up an exciting opportunity to create a Center of Excellence hub for all of our buoyancy in Skelmersdale, UK and from Q4 the drilling buoyancy modules will be manufactured in Skelmersdale.

In the next 6 months the customer focused team will be headed into a new Sales and Projects office located near where the original first Houston office was. 
Change! It has a number of responses, Watching it Happen, Making it Happen and asking What Happened. As 2019 brings in the next phase of Trelleborg Offshore for the Houston team I along with the remaining core team are eagerly looking forward to Making it Happen here in Houston as the US face of the Trelleborg Offshore Global Business. 

Doug Marti

Market Development Manager