Embracing Innovation

july 2019

The oil and gas industry has a contradictory attitude when it comes to new products. We collectively want to innovative and improve, but few want to be the first to implement. However, the boundaries that once separated companies from their customers are blurring. By opening a dialogue and better understanding customer needs, suppliers in today’s market are able to collaborate and partner, embracing innovative new solutions that benefit both parties and quickly find a route toward deployment. 

Providing our customers with the widest range of high-quality products has always been a priority at Trelleborg. Since the oil price fell so dramatically one of our key strategic decisions was to increase innovation to its highest level ever. This, in turn, meant our product developments have seen unprecedented progress. 

To support our customers, we focused on broadening our knowledge and increasing our technical expertise in: 

· Engineering accelerators 

· Computational Fluid Dynamics 

· Finite Element Analysis 

· Statistical Modelling 

· Data Visualization 

 We have also accelerated our deployment pipeline through actively supported collaboration. Material developments are also a key business priority to allow our products to go to greater depths, at higher temperatures than ever before. By offering our customers the highest quality products and services our goal is to become the development partner of choice in the oil and gas market. 

Our focus is on making it easier for our customers to do business.  

 If you would like to know more about Trelleborg’s approach to innovation or have any development ideas you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us on offshore@trelleborg.com  

Austin Harbison

New Product Development Manager