British Barbershop Harmony Champions

british barbershop harmony champions
At Trelleborg we aim to Perform at Every Level and this search for excellence starts with our employees. This excellence extends beyond our work life and into our daily lives and our personal pursuits.

As part of the Cottontown Chorus of Bolton, I recently participated in the national Barbershop Championships at the Harrogate International Centre and wowed judges with our performance to claim the much sought-after Gold medal, becoming the new British Barbershop Harmony Champions. This is the 7th time we have won the contest and we are now eligible to represent Great Britain in the International Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2019.

Our commitment to vocal and performing excellence combined with our shared passion for making music is what brings us together. We would never have been able to win this competition if it was not for the team’s hard work and dedication we put into rehearsing every week. This excellence begins with each and every member.

View our winning performance

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Mike Savarin

Material Scientist