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With development and manufacturing since the 80's, it is safe to say that we know what it takes to make high quality rollers. These products have made us the first choise for many large ATM and printer manufacturers around the world, and one of the reasons is that we have full control of all material being used in the production process.


We specialize in the development and production of different types of rollers for professional printers, packaging machines, note handling machines and parking machines. Our high quality products have made us the first choice for many large ATM and printer manufacturers around the world, and we have earned a strong market reputation by focusing on cost effective production methods and highly automated and robotized production. 

We have strong production presence in both Europe and Asia, and handle small and large volume production, offering the most advanced technology to enable companies from all corners of the globe to reach their strategic goal. 

Our current range of rubber and TPE rollers are applied in thermal printers, cash dispensers, scanners, etc. Our portfolio includes picking rollers, platen rollers, transport rollers, driving rollers, pressure rollers, linerless rollers and more.

We have carefully followed the rapid developments in the field of electronics. With our special knowledge we can function as both your partner and problem solver. Questions which arise generally concern properties of materials and costs for various types of rubber and TPE.  We can help with application development work to find the optimal solution and the best balance between function and economy. The common denominator for drive systems in electronic applications is precision. Trelleborg Moulded Components meets this objective.

Trelleborg note handling

Note handling machines

Note Handling Machines use rollers for picking up banknotes, transporting notes & cards and printing receipts. Error is not an option in banknote handling. With a long heritage in developing market leading roller solutions for banknote handling machines, we have earned a superior reputation in this market. Our high precision rollers have become the first choice of many leading manufacturers of Banknote Handling Machines. We are supplying the full range of rollers for the Banknote Handling Machines including Picking roller, transport roller, Platen roller, etc. 

Trelleborg printer

Professional printers

Barcode Printers, Card Printers, Ticket Printers, Receipt Printers, Lottery Printers, Voting machines, etc. require high quality rollers for feeding media, transporting media, pushing media against top printing head, etc. We are working with many of the global leading manufacturers of these printers. Platen roller, Drive roller, Transport roller, Cleaning roller and Linerless roller are just a few to name of what we are supplying to this market.

Trelleborg parking meter

Parking machines

We are supplying rollers to both On-street Parking Machines and Off-street Parking Machines for printing and transporting parking tickets and printing receipts. Many of the global leading manufacturers of Parking Machines have partnered with us to deliver their innovative parking solutions to the market.

Trelleborg packaging machine

Packaging machines

Food and beverage processing and packaging machines use rollers for feeding, folding, squeezing and sealing packaging materials. We are working with some of the largest manufacturers of food and beverage processing and packaging machines in the world. We have a wide range of food approved materials which are used in food contact applications. Our operations follow the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. Many other packaging machine companies are relying on our industry leading roller solutions as well.

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