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Protect your boat with our mooring compensators

Superior mooring protection. Diminishes the strain of wind, waves and wake. Keeps lines from snapping and prevents cleats from pulling out. No squeaking, no wear no tear! Powerful forces come into play when wind starts to blow. And it is not only the wind that gives rise to disastrous stresses and strains. The swells resulting from passing boats can cause a lot of trouble. High and low tide are factors that must also be considered, especially on coasts where the difference in the heights of tide can be up to 2 meter. 

Compensating movement and force

The table below gives the maximum movement in mm for different numbers of turns and the force which the compensator takes up when a line which is wound three times around the compensator is straightened out completely.
More than three turns permits such a large compensting movement that the life of the compensator can be greatly shortened.


First determine what line thikness you need on the basis of the size of the boat and situation of the moorage. For secure mooring, we recommend a three-stranded line of synthetic material.
In choosing the proper line thickness, the examples in the table may serve as a guide. (Recommendations of Swedish boat insurance companies.)

Size Length of the compensating movement, mm
Max force with three turns of line
1 turn
2 turn 3 turn 

No. 1






No. 2
120  225  325  2500N  (250kp) 
No. 3
175 300  425  3500N  (350kp) 
No. 4
200  335  470  5000N  (500kp) 
Boat type Protected mooring Exposed mooring

Rowboat with outboard motor, sailing dinghy

10 mm

12 mm

5 m boat with outboard  12 mm  16 mm 
Motorboat or sailboat up to 3 tons.  16 mm 20 mm
3-6 tons 20 mm  24 mm
Trelleborg mini snubber

Mini snubber

The mini-snubber is the little sister in the mooring compensator family, suitable for smaller sailing dinghys and rowboats with outboard motors. Fits on mooring lines with diameter 10-12 mm.


FORSHEDA Mooring Compensators


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Mini snubber


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