Electro Magnetic Shielding Gaskets -

Electro Magnetic Shielding Gaskets 

Our offering consists of various EMC shielding solutions in electrical applications. Products are often developed in close cooperation with OEM´s for specific applications. Our application know-how, strong R&D capabilities and global presence makes us a preferred supplier to the world´s leading companies in the Telecom and Energy & Power industry.

Trelleborg collection of EMC gaskets


Trelleborg has over 20 years of experience in EMC production, solutions and applications. Trelleborg´s EMC offering includes molded, stamped and cut parts from nickel graphite or silver coated glass particle filled silicone. The parts size varies from small –less than 1 g weight- plug shield to large enclosure seals and cable glands. 

Own mixing capacity enables optimized and precise raw material supply tailored for the unique needs of product in question. Trelleborg has strong experience in designing and developing EMC shields for all attenuation needs.

Trelleborg expert Kimmo

Meet the expert!

Kimmo Ilen

Trelleborg base station

Telecom industry represent typical applications for our EMC solutions.

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