Mooring compensator case story -

Powerful forces come into play when the wind starts to blow

If you are a boat owner you know the powerful forces that come into play when the wind starts to blow. You also know how important it is to secure your boat to protect it when in harbour. For years, boat owners around the world used to rely on mooring lines and sturdy cleats to secure their boats in the marina. To be on the safe side, even oversized mooring lines were used to prevent the boat from detaching or disconnecting from the dock. However, this somethimes caused the cleats to pull out of the decking, with damaged boats as a result.
But not only the wind gives rise to disastrous stresses and strains. Also wakes  resulting from passing boats, as well as high and low tide can cause damage to the boat or vessel. 
One solution that was introduced to the market to help boat owners overcome these situations was the steel mooring springs to apply on the mooring line. However, wear and tear along with the natural exposure to the elements wind and rain in combination with salt water  soon made the steel springs corrode and squeak. These springs also required extra shackles and fittings, adding on costs for the boat owner. 

Trelleborg identified this problem and with the core competence in polymers, realized that this material would be perfectly suited for the application. Because no other material than rubber is more suitable to damp a movement. The project brief was this "Design and develop a solution that can be fitted directly on the mooring line without causing wear on the line. The solution must not require any extra fittings, shackles, knots or splices." 

This is how the FORSHEDA mooring compensator was invented and patented.

It is an ingenious product in all its simplicity. Made of superior EPDM rubber with integrally moulded unique plastic locks, it maintains its resilience despite stresses and strains, day after day, year after year. No squeaking, no wear no tear! It  nullifies the strains of wind, waves and wakes and prevents lines from snapping and cleats from pulling out.

Today Trelleborg supplies the well renowned FORSHEDA mooring compensators to boat owners and marinas all over the world, from Australia to USA, from the Baltic See to the Mediterranean. It´s an essential accessory for mooring.

Quick facts
  • Material: EPDM rubber
  • Line diameter: from 10-24 mm
  • Maximum flex: up to twice it´s length
  • "The original" mooring compensator

Trelleborg mini snubber

The mini-snubber

The mini-snubber is the little sister in the mooring compensator family, suitable for smaller sailing dinghys and rowboats with outboard motors. Fits on mooring lines with diameter 10-12 mm.

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