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Below we have gathered a number of articles that represent what we do and who we are. Please take a moment to read, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more. Because there certainly is more! 

Moulded Components mooring compensator and rope
Gently rocking your boat
If you are a boat owner you know the powerful forces that come into play when the wind starts to blow. You also know how important it is to secure your boat to protect it when in harbour. For year...
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Electrical protection multigate and cables
Quick and easy installation with Trelleborg gland plates
Since the early 1970's, the cable leadthroughs have looked more or less the same. They were made of aluminium alloy and had certain treads to which a conventional metal grommet was mounted. The as...
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New milk liner manufacturing facility -
Trelleborg Group inaugurates a new manufacturing facility in Trelleborg, Sweden to manufacture high-performance milk liners for the global dairy industry. The facility is part of the Trelleborg In...
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Trelleborg silicone vacuum ring with window
Trelleborg vacuum rings do the job
The possibility to laminate glass was discovered by coincidence in 1903. During the First World War laminated glass was used in military applications. However, laminated glass really “broke throug...
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