Trelleborg Promotes Benefits of Correct Tire Pressure Management

As a key sponsor of the European Massey Ferguson MF eXperience Tour 2019, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will be highlighting the importance of correct tire pressure management and showcasing its latest technology to help farmers optimize tire efficiency.

Taking place across 25 locations and featuring 75 individual events, the MF eXperience Tour will give 6,000 farmers, contractors and operators a valuable insight into the latest developments in tractor and traction technology, together with a hands-on experience of the latest products from both Massey Ferguson and Trelleborg.

According to Francesco Murro, Director Marketing, Massey Ferguson EME, Massey Ferguson and Trelleborg are ideal partners to promote the importance of responsible technical development and to educate users in how they can employ this to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost of ownership, minimize impact on the environment and boost productivity. 

Murro, says: “We are delighted to have Trelleborg on-board as our technical partner for these important events. We are both customer-focused organizations at the leading edge of technology in our industry and are passionate about developing new ideas and solutions to help our customers farm more efficiently in the future.

“These events give us the opportunity to talk one-to-one with progressive growers, show how the latest engineering and tire developments can be integrated to boost in-field performance and showcase the latest offerings from both brands.

“The optimized, more focused events in the MF eXperience Tour allow us to do this in a more personalized and educational environment than the traditional large-scale industry events allow.”

Roberta D’Agnano, EMEA Marketing Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems stated part of this different approach is to demonstrate how new developments and thinking can not only improve production efficiency but be gentler on the environment too.

D’Agnano, says: “Take tire pressures, for example. Running at the correct pressure for the tire and the operation being carried out, not only improves traction and grip, but also reduces fuel consumption and causes considerably less damage to soil structure. This in turn can help improve yields and reduce inputs necessary to counteract a lower yield.

“In fact, our research shows that in some cases, running with incorrect pressures can add 20% to the overall variable costs of production. This message will be at the forefront of our communications to visitors to the MF eXperience Tour.”

To underline this, Trelleborg will be running workshops at all events demonstrating its new TLC Plus App.

D’Agnano, continues: “TLC Plus is an advanced, sensor-based check-up system, which measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure. This information is then relayed via wireless connectivity to a farmer’s mobile device, tablet or computer.

”The app makes managing tire pressures much simpler and introduces a safety net, so the operator knows exactly when their tires are performing below the optimum.”

Visitors to the events will also be able to see the latest Trelleborg tractor tire ranges and talk to the company’s technical advisors about applications for their own individual equipment, as well as receiving general tire advice.

The MF eXperience Tour runs throughout 2019 visiting locations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Norway and Denmark.

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