Trelleborg Adds COMFORT Line to its Brawler HPS Range for Telehandlers

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has expanded its Brawler HPS (High Performance Solid) Telehandler Tire range to include the COMFORT line, which offers tires engineered to reduce vibration and improve the driving experience of telehandlers and compact wheel loaders in waste and recycling applications.

 This new line of solid tires maximizes ride comfort, while delivering the best possible performance in demanding environments.

Alessio Bucci, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Waste and recycling applications are extremely demanding on tires, which are at risk of being damaged or punctured during operations. Standard solid tires give increased safety and require zero maintenance, but this often comes at the expense of operator comfort. Now, with the introduction of Trelleborg’s COMFORT line for telehandlers and compact wheel loaders, drivers will experience a softer ride thanks to increased shock absorption and reduced vibration.”

Featuring a wide footprint, Trelleborg’s COMFORT line tires provide better traction compared to standard solid tires. The wide, flat tread design affords excellent stability and extended operating hours, while a deep lug tread design gives three times more wear than a pneumatic tire.

“At Trelleborg, we believe that driver comfort is essential to productivity. After receiving a very positive market response to our Brawler 25-inch HPS Soft Ride line, we decided to extend the concept to our smaller 24-inch range of HPS tires for telehandlers and compact wheel loaders,” adds Bucci. 

Tire sizes available are: 43x15-24; 47x17-24; 13.00-24; 14.00-24. 


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