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KION Group main supplier for non-marking tires

The KION Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, has selected Trelleborg Wheel Systems as their preferred main supplier for non-marking tires in the European market.

The Trelleborg non-marking resilient solid tires are the first choice of the KION Group, which is bringing together the industry's leading brands under its roof, for their counterbalanced forklift trucks that operate in demanding indoor environments where floor care is essential.  

The experience from multiple field applications has highlighted the main features of Trelleborg’s premium material handling non-marking resilient solid tires to totally meet KION’s expectations in terms of energy consumption, as well as increased safety, productivity and sustainability.

The premium range of Trelleborg’s non-marking resilient solid tires for the fleets of the KION Group features the Pit Stop Line, a revolutionary solution providing an unmissable visual indicator when a tire needs replacing.

Once a tire has worn down to a point when there are about 100 hours of tire life left, a bright orange line appears on its surface. The replacement tires can then be fitted at the most convenient time. As a true innovation, it has the potential to have a transformational effect on forklift operations, helping to minimize downtime, tire waste and whole life costs.

Also available for the truck fleets of the KION Group are the new ProTEX tires made of a 100% non-marking electrically conducting compound engineered for use on counterbalanced forklift trucks operating in potentially explosive environments. ProTEX is compliant with EN1755 safety regulations and safer than fixed earthing strips. The tire can be used safely on material handling equipment applications where this is flammable gas, vapor, or dust.


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