Trelleborg's New Rubber Lifter Bars Ensure a Longer Life and Reduced Noise Pollution


Trelleborg's New Rubber Lifter Bars Ensure a Longer Life and Reduced Noise Pollution

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has developed and supplied a cost effective, long lasting rubber lifter bar solution for a ball mill in Australia. The success with the special 1605AM rubber compound and design has given Trelleborg the opportunity to offer its clients an alternative to composite steel lifter bars.

Composite lifters can not only add to the load in the mill, but are also difficult to handle in confined spaces and take much longer to install, adding to downtime and installation costs. The lifter bars made with new 1605AM rubber compound come with huge added benefits such as; easy handling, quick installation time, reduced power draw and noise pollution. The reduction in overall weight decreases the impact on rotating components.

Reducing downtime
Downtime is a significant issue faced by the mining industry, and the mining and material processing industry is always looking for ways to enhance availability of the mills that grind and blend materials. Trelleborg’s rubber lifter bars offer increased operational efficiencies, significantly reduced downtime, simple wear monitoring and life predictability. In addition, when compared with steel, a rubber solution also provides superior resistance to the severe impact, high temperature and abrasion caused by the comminution of the ore within the mine’s grinding mill, enhancing its life.

Composite steel is currently the traditional material of choice for primary and some secondary milling applications and until now has provided a whole-life performance that alternatives could not. However, the development of Trelleborg’s special grade rubber compound and various face angles to suit any application, offer greater value and performance versus composite steel lifter bars, without compromising the available volume and throughputs in the mill.

Polymer expertise
Trelleborg’s expertise in the use of polymers and polymer composites means that it is at the forefront of efficient and effective mill lining solutions. By optimizing design and specialized rubber compound selection for all milling wear protection applications, including lifter bars, Trelleborg can provide longer lasting, higher performance solutions.

Trelleborg offers a wide range of rubber lifter bars and plates for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers. The standard rubber lifter sizes range from 50mm – 250mm wide and 50mm – 350mm in height, and come complete with aluminium and steel tracks, with different face angles to suit the milling or scrubbing application. Trelleborg also provides a wide range of shell plates, grate plates, head plates and filler segments, including the backing rubber to protect the mother plate of the mill.

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