Trelleborg’s Flexible Steam-cured Pipe Liner Enables Faster Trenchless Rehabilitation of Even the Most Demanding Pipes


Trelleborg’s Flexible Steam-cured Pipe Liner Enables Faster Trenchless Rehabilitation of Even the Most Demanding Pipes

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation exhibited its full range of liner and installation solutions for quick and efficient trenchless pipe rehabilitation, at this year’s WWETT exhibition, Indianapolis, Indiana, US. 

On stand 1326, Trelleborg presented solutions including drain liners and packers, lateral connection repair, pipe plugs as well as pipe and manhole seals. Specifically, this includes the epros DrainPacker and the cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner with a silicone coating; the epros DrainPlusLiner 2.0. This innovative coating is highly flexible allowing the liner to negotiate multiple bends and bridge changes in internal diameter. It also offers superb impregnation properties, minimal creasing and excellent resistance to heat. This means that it can be installed using steam curing, saving significant installation time on site.

Simon Burke, Sales Director for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in the US, says: “With the U.S. population growing by over 2.5m people per year, infrastructure and water / wastewater networks are expanding at pace. However, as new pipes are installed, existing pipe networks that have been buried underground for many years are also approaching the end of their service life. This is resulting in an increasing need for rehabilitation work.

“The no-dig method for pipe rehabilitation is growing, however, the industry currently requires up to three different liner products to cover specific challenges of pipe configuration, and internal diameter, to efficiently rehabilitate a pipe. Our second generation DrainPlusLiner, which we exhibited at WWETT, can do the job of them all. It can also stand the heat of steam curing, bend 90 degrees and is able to facilitate dimension changes of up to two nominal widths while still guaranteeing a minimum three millimeter wall thickness which is leak tight.”

The liner’s ability to be steam cured means that reliability, stability and importantly, speed of installation is greatly increased. It can now be cured in approximately 45 minutes once it has reached 176°F degrees – depending on the resin – a huge time saving, compared with other systems.

Suitable for pipes and sewers from 3” – 10”, the DrainPlusLiner 2.0 is universally applicable for vertical and horizontal pipe lines. The liner only requires low pressure during installation and curing. So as not to cause material waste, Trelleborg provides data to calculate the longitudinal expansion before the applicator commences installation.

In addition, the DrainPacker system uses epros®SilicateResins and chemically resistant CRF+ glass fiber. This method is suitable for the sectional repair of buried damaged gravity sewer pipelines. Repairable pipe sizes range between 2” – 48”. It provides a fully structural, leak tight repair with a minimum 50 years design life.

The world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals, the WWETT Show offers the latest products, technologies, and knowledge related to the water, wastewater and environmental service industry. 

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