Trelleborgs extensive R and D delivers its best thermal insulation material yet

Trelleborg’s extensive R&D delivers its best thermal insulation material yet

relleborg Offshore and Construction has developed Vikotherm S-1, a revolutionary new thermal insulation material for wet applications.
Adrian Wood, Key Account Manager within Trelleborg Offshore and Construction, says: “In increasingly challenging subsea environments, the industry requires insulation solutions to maintain flow rates, optimize productivity, reduce costs and protect against wax and hydrate formations.
Vikotherm S-1

“We’ve successfully installed our thermal insulation materials throughout the subsea oil and gas industry for over twenty years, researching continuously to understand the performance characteristics of materials that operate at extreme temperatures and hydrostatic pressures. Our latest development will raise standards in insulation performance, with its advanced, non-syntactic silicone technology.” 

Improved performance
The absence of glass microspheres within Vikotherm S-1 from Trelleborg means it provides superior joint strength, increased thermal conductivity and heat capacity, long-term flexibility and resistance to hydrostatic collapse. In addition, the solution can be cured at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking.

With operating temperatures of -40°C to 135°C / -40°F to 275°F and depths currently qualified to 2500msw, the material is ideal for risers and flow lines, subsea trees, pipeline end manifolds, pipeline end terminations and more.

Optimal flow assurance
Applied over anticorrosion coatings using specialized equipment, the material meets a range of application specifications as it’s not restricted by geometry or thickness limitations. Manufactured without harmful by-products and exotherm, it is safe to apply around sensitive equipment.

Following extensive R&D, this next generation thermal insulation material provides excellent thermal insulation properties and maximum corrosion protection, ensuring optimal flow assurance every time.


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