Trelleborg's Annual Barometer Survey Calls for Marine Industry Insights

Trelleborg Marine Systems Barometer Report 5

Trelleborg's Annual Barometer Survey Calls for Marine Industry Insights

Trelleborg has launched its fifth annual Barometer Report survey, designed to gather the latest insights and opinions from across the marine industry on a range of issues from investment, to maintenance, to performance and downtime. Port owners, operators, contractors and consultants are invited to tell Trelleborg about their experience, and enter a free draw to win an iPad.

Last year’s report revealed an anticipated boost in investment for facilities around the world, as well as an opportunity for ports to get ahead by investing strategically in smart technologies and supplier service, with a focus on improving long term product performance.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, says: “With the findings from previous years’ reports pointing to the need for more supplier involvement across the whole supply chain, we’re keen to see if suppliers are closing the gap between the maintenance requirements of port owners and operators, and the support that they are able to provide. 

“Additionally, with increasing and varied demands on facilities, such as the anticipated rise in LNG bunkering and ever-growing vessel sizes, we’re particularly keen to see if infrastructure is keeping pace and if facilities have the support they need to evolve accordingly.”

To take part in the survey and enter the prize draw to win an iPad, click here.

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