Trelleborg to Showcase Unrivalled Low Friction Seal Material

Autosport International

Trelleborg to Showcase Unrivalled Low Friction Seal Material

An innovative seal material designed to accelerate performance in motorsport is to be showcased to the industry at a specialist automotive event. 

Turcon® M12, from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)based sealing material, will be featured at Autosport International 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham. The compound has unrivalled performance against key hydraulic sealing characteristics such as friction, wear and high-pressure operation.

Vigorously tested
It is medium-filled with a complex mix of non-abrasive mineral fibers combined with additives and has been vigorously tested, comparing it to best-in-class compounds against important sealing parameters. The two-day automotive event, which starts on Thursday, January 14, is dedicated to exhibiting specialist technical suppliers to the motorsport and performance engineering sectors.  

At this year’s show, Trelleborg’s experts will be demonstrating their pioneering sealing solutions on stand E746.

Exceeded expectations
UK Technical Manager, Andrew Longdon, said: “Before its launch, Turcon® M12 was put through its paces in the research lab, undergoing an extensive test program. Results showed that Turcon® M12 is resistant to virtually all media, including a broad range of lubricants, and has outstanding low friction characteristics and wear resistance.  

“It has exceeded even our expectations, and in our opinion, no other material can give such universally exceptional performance as it provides end users with an extended seal life, as well as a wide operating window in temperature, pressure and velocity.

Best in market
“Despite the outstanding performance of many of our seal materials, we don’t often stand up and say that this is the best in market. However, Turcon® M12 is truly unrivalled and it can fit virtually all hydraulic applications.”

Trelleborg devoted a considerable amount of time to research and develop the Turcon® M12 material that is compatible with a broad range of lubricants. The material also had to demonstrate minimal wear with excellent friction characteristics at extreme temperatures, high pressures and rapid velocities.

Turcon® M12 was developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Helsingør, Denmark, and tested in the R&D labs in Stuttgart, Germany, and Fort Wayne, Indiana in the U.S.

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