Trelleborg Technology Makes Handling of Rubber Food Hoses Easier, Improving Operator Comfort and Safety


Trelleborg Technology Makes Handling of Rubber Food Hoses Easier, Improving Operator Comfort and Safety

Trelleborg’s industrial hose operation presents Alikler G2, a new generation rubber hose specifically engineered for food processing.

With bending force requirements reduced by 50 percent on a 50 millimeter/ 2 inch inside diameter, the innovative hose allows processors of oily and fatty foods to take advantage of the benefits of a rubber hose while enjoying improved maneuverability. This enhances manufacturing performance and most importantly makes the operator’s job less difficult and enhances their safety.

Nitrile rubber (NBR) hoses are particularly suited to processing oily and fatty foods, having significant benefits over hoses made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They maintain pressure and flexibility over the whole of their operating temperature range as well as absorbing pressure impact. The disadvantage of rubber hoses though is that they are heavier than a PVC hose and are more difficult to maneuver. Maneuverability in food processing is an important characteristic as hoses are disconnected and reconnected at numerous connection points many times per day.

Christine Dhiersat, Product Manager, says: “We asked our R&D team to provide our customers with a nitrile rubber hose that had improved flexibility. The challenge was compounded by the fact that the rubber hose would need to comply with the stringent regulations applied to any process product that comes into contact with food stuffs.

Flexibility and maneuverability 
“Our reference in terms of flexibility is our CITERDIAL, a rubber hose developed and recognized globally for its maneuverability in milk handling. The resulting unique Alikler G2 hose, with its significantly reduced bending force requirement, makes handling of food processing hoses much easier. This is really important when operators in food processing plants are manipulating hoses many times a day. This new hose will help reduce the strain on an operator’s back and undoubtedly contribute to improved safety.”

ALIKLER G2 hoses are manufactured from food grade white NBR tube that is compliant to European legislation including French requirements, German BfR and U.S. standards such as FDA. It is unaffected by fluctuations over its operating temperature from -30 °C to +100 °C/ -22 °F to +212°F and is resistant to steam cleaning up to +130 °C/ +266 °F for around thirty minutes. Working pressure is 10 bar/ 145 psi with bursting pressure of 30 bar/ 435 psi and a maximum vacuum of 0.9 bar/ 13 psi. In addition it is capable of withstanding the most commonly undertaken cleaning processes and contains no phthalate or Bisphenol A.

ALIKLER G2 is available with inside diameters from 25mm to 150mm/ 1 to 6 inches and in standard lengths of 20 and 40 meters  (10 and 20m for ID >100mm) / 65 and 131 feet (33 to 65 feet for ID > 4 inch). It can also be supplied with Trelleborg’s own design of fitting systems suitable for all common connections and that fully ensure hygiene.