Trelleborg Takes its Total Pipe Cycle Solutions to IFAT 2016


Trelleborg Takes its Total Pipe Cycle Solutions to IFAT 2016

Trelleborg will showcase its extensive portfolio of solutions that service the entire pipe cycle — from integrated seals for plastic and concrete pipes to a selection of high pressure hoses for sewer cleaning and trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions, at this year’s IFAT exhibition, Munich in Germany.

Key products at the stand will include the DrainPlusLiner 2.0, the Type lll Main-to-House (MtH) Packer, and the F-165 and F-601 Power-Lock integrated seals. Several Trelleborg experts, including Julian West, Product Manager for new seals, and Stephan Raab, Commercial Manager for rehabilitation solutions, will be on hand to answer questions during the show, as well as provide technical guidance and information.

West comments: “The industry has come a long way since the late 1950s, when water and sewer-age pipe lines predominantly relied on ridged joints made from tarred rope and cement mortar. Now, the ability to integrate flexible rubber seals within a pipe socket during manufacture is raising the standards of leak tightness from infiltration and exfiltration, ease and reliability of jointing, and long term seal durability. There is now an abundance of application specific seals which, when used correctly, can continuously optimize pipe infrastructure performance.

Avoid displacement and unwanted movement
“Our integrated seals for plastic and concrete applications are designed to specifically avoid issues such as displacement during installation or unwanted movement during concrete pipe manufacture. They’re made from specialist rubber compounds of various hardnesses to ensure the best structure for both stability and flexibility.”

The F-165 integrated seal for concrete pipes consists of two elastomers at different hardnesses — 70 IRHD and softer 50 IRHD — to combine stability, grip and flexibility. This also compensates for any irregularities in the concrete. The F-601 Power-Lock integrated seal for plastic pressure pipes features a pipe socket which is formed over the seal during manufacture, resulting is a 50% reduction in joint tolerance. The seal’s jointing force requirements are very low and thus, reduce the risk of seal displacement.

Leak-free operation
Raab adds: “Aging infrastructure across the globe will continue to increase, so it is vital that the new construction, upgrade and rehabilitation of sewerage networks remain a priority. A huge aspect of this is making pipe systems completely leak-free. The risks associated with sewage seeping from a pipe into the ground or contaminants making their way into clean water pipes are colossal.”

To counter these risks, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation will present their growing portfolio of innovative pipe rehabilitation solutions for the entire pipe cycle; the highlights of which will be the debut of the new DrainPlusLiner 2.0 and the Type III MtH Packer.

Trenchless rehabilitation
“Our DrainPlusLiner 2.0 with silicone coating is ideal for the trenchless rehabilitation of house connection pipes and sewers. The liner can easily facilitate dimension changes of up to two nominal widths in the course of a pipeline and negotiate bends of 90 degrees, while ensuring a minimum wall thickness of 3 mm — even in the extreme expansion range of elbows in the higher dimensions,” continues Raab. 

“But what is most important is that this liner is compatible with both hot water and steam curing methods and ensures a high flow-through area with an almost wrinkle-free finish in the bends, as it does not require the use of calibration hoses.”

Complete offering
The new MtH Packer III completes Trelleborg’s MtH system offering — a holistic ‘no-dig’ pipe rehabilitation solution which is able to rehabilitate laterals from the main sewer as well as the main pipe connection in just one step. There is no need for permission to enter private premises or for excavations outside the building. Even the need for cutting is made redundant. 

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation also obtained a new liner production line from TWE/Trelit in 2015; an acquisition that further strengthens Trelleborg’s expanded liner production capabilities. As a result, Trelleborg is now able to produce customized large-format liners — an advantage that matters when it comes to meeting tender requirements for large pipelining projects.

Also to be presented by Trelleborg at IFAT are two high-performance hoses — the Trellvac Excavator and the Canalkler 250 S. The Trellvac Excavator is a lightweight and abrasion-resistant hose specially designed for suction excavator trucks. The Canalkler 250 S is a high-pressure cleaning hose that is exceptional for its low sliding resistance and, thanks to its Aramid reinforcement, stability and long service life.

For more information about Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, or any of its products and solutions, stop by Booth 240, Hall B at IFAT Munich.

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