Trelleborg Partners with Molecor in New PVC-O Pipe and Seal Offering for Pressurized Water Networks

AngerLock Seal

Trelleborg Partners with Molecor in New PVC-O Pipe and Seal Offering for Pressurized Water Networks

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has teamed up with PVC-O pipe manufacturer, Molecor South East Asia (SEA) Sdn Bhd, to champion a new plastic pipe and integrated seal offering for pressurized water networks in Malaysia.

Manufactured in Malaysia, Trelleborg’s Forsheda 576 (F-576) Anger-Lock seal will be installed into Molecor PVC-O pipes with a pressure rating of 16 and 25 bar, and ranging from DN 90mm to 630mm. Compared with existing systems, the new combination of pipe and seal will improve performance and reduce costs over its lifetime. It will be marketed under the brand name HYPRO.

Lighter and stronger pipe solutions

Nomis Sim, CEO at Molecor SEA, says: “The market has traditionally been dominated by ductile iron pipes; however, PVC-O technology such as ours enables a much lighter and stronger pipe solution. HYPRO PVC-O pipes are best-in-class in terms of mechanical and hydraulic performance, durability and sustainability. The change in material from iron to PVC-O means lower costs, easier installation and reduced environmental impact thanks to its lower carbon foot print. And by removing corrosion concerns associated with ductile iron, the service life of the pipe is extended too.

“We have begun production with pipes of DN 90mm to 630mm in Malaysia and plan to expand our service into other territories in South East Asia in the near future. It was an easy decision to choose Trelleborg’s F-576 Anger-Lock integrated seal for use within our pipes, as it shows clear performance benefits. We are confident that it will provide optimum sealing and leak-free water transport for years to come.”

F-576 Anger-Lock Seals

The F-576 Anger-Lock seal is uniquely designed with a rubber sealing element that is bonded to reinforcing plastic to make a one-piece seal. The soft plastic reinforcement enables easy installation of the seal into the pipe’s socket, either manually or automatically, using special insertion equipment.

Martijn Boerma, Business Development Manager Asia Pacific for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, comments: “At Trelleborg, we pride ourselves in developing truly high performance and efficient pipe seal solutions. So when the opportunity arose to work with Molecor SEA on a new type of pipe and seal combination for the pressurized water market, we were keen to make a start.

Outperforming competitor seals

“Our F-576 Anger-Lock seals outperform competitor seals in strength and performance of sealing capability and they also offer a much longer lifetime, making it ideal for use in the PVC-O pipes.”

The fully retained F-576 Anger-Lock seal from Trelleborg has a low jointing force, meaning that it cannot be displaced or lost during stocking transportation and installation. Similarly, it ensures a reliable automatic insertion, unlike other standard rubber seals. 

Keen to share expertise and best practice within pipe sealing, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation partnered with Molecor SEA to host a technical symposium in Kuala Lumpur in June. Numerous builders, consultants and specifiers were in attendance to learn about the new offering.

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