Trelleborg Makes Customer a Hero With New Success Story


Trelleborg Makes Customer a Hero With New Success Story

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has announced the latest inductee to its Heroes program, Ignacio Villaron Gonzales, Manager of Riegos Hidronosa, a Spanish-based specialist in the installation and maintenance of agricultural irrigation systems.

The company’s Heroes initiative tells stories of successful project implementation from the point of view of Trelleborg customers, collecting experiences from professional farmers, to highlight their issues and how Trelleborg has played a role in solving them. 

Mr Villaron Gonzales says: “We invested in Trelleborg’s TM900 High Power tires. The key benefits of the TM900 High Power are that it offers great traction, minimum soil compaction and excellent self-cleaning capability thanks to its large footprint and advanced tread design. This is because the tire boasts inter-lug terracing at the base of the lug to optimize mud ejection. Additionally, the tire’s performance not only in the field, but on the road is also excellent, providing premium comfort and handling, and low fuel consumption.”

Due to its dimensional characteristics and its optimized radial structure, Trelleborg’s TM900 High Power is able to transfer to the ground the high torque of the biggest agricultural vehicles, generating a great traction on all kind of soils. Ploughing tests also show that the TM900, in equal conditions and sizes, offers superior performance to competitors both in terms of slippage and working time per hectare.

Mr Villaron Gonzales continues: “We would certainly recommend Trelleborg’s TM900 to those operating high power tractors and for terrain that requires additional traction. We will definitely continue to use Trelleborg tires moving forward.” Click here to see more about Ignacio’s story on YouTube. 

Today the Trelleborg’s full list of heroes comprises more than ten customers across nine countries. Discover how to become one yourself by clicking here,  or alternatively, tell us your story by tweeting @TrelleborgAgri.

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