Trelleborg Launches New Cast-In-Profile Tunnel Segment Gasket that Saves Time and Money


Trelleborg Launches New Cast-In-Profile Tunnel Segment Gasket that Saves Time and Money

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has launched a new tunnel segment gasket for bored tunnels that saves valuable time and money by incorporating a cast-in-profile seal within the tunnel segment, preventing the need to use adhesive.

Applicable for any type of tunnel segment, the cast-in profile sealing system comprises a symmetrical design with a sole anchor. It has been developed to ensure that the gasket forges a superior bond connection with the segment, improving installation accuracy and eliminating the need for extra equipment, whilst being more environmentally-friendly and using a cleaner process. Cleaning of the groove and correction of groove imperfections is also eliminated, optimizing and shortening the production process.

Vincent van de Vrie, Sales Manager within Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “It’s a faster, cleaner and more accurate alternative for the manufacture of tunnel segments, integrating the gasket as part of the segment production process. The new solution provides some unique benefits, not least in preventing air entrapment within the solution, but also helping to retain shape and symmetry and integrity throughout transportation, whilst ultimately providing a higher performance than glue-on seals.”

The profile is designed to fit into the groove within the mold and is incorporated into the production process. Once it’s fitted, the mold is filled with concrete and the cast then becomes an integrated part of the final product. This approach to tunnel segment gasket design also ensures increased water tight performance, due to complex integration of the gasket into the concrete segment.

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