Trelleborg Launches Global Guide to Watertight Water Infrastructure


Trelleborg Launches Global Guide to Watertight Water Infrastructure

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has launched a new eBook to highlight the macro issues impacting global water management. Titled, ‘Raise Your Level’, the eBook also explores how cities and communities, such as ‘The Floating City’, Venice, are maximizing the performance of infrastructure and minimizing leakage, using the latest technological advancements designed specifically for the water management sector.

Jacco Vonk, Business Development Manager within Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, commented: “With the global average sea level rising by nearly 7 inches / 18 cm over the last 100 years and it being projected to rise by up to 48 inches / 122 cm by 2100, it is critical that economies across the globe accept the need to optimize domestic and industrial water infrastructure, to minimize flood disruption.

“Many of today’s water infrastructure management projects are high profile and have high expectations. As our new eBook highlights, it is vital that those involved with such high-stake projects collaborate closely with leading manufacturers at an early stage to ensure the most appropriate and reliable water infrastructure management solution is engineered.”

Trelleborg’s tried-and-tested sealing systems are already working hard in high profile projects worldwide. From storm surge barriers to dry docks and lock systems and from ship lifts to aqueducts, Trelleborg is able to provide reliable, stable and high quality sealing solutions to meet the demands of any environment.

Advanced modelling and testing are a key part of this process, ensuring a risk-free, high quality sealing solution is developed: one that delivers full protection and enhances safety. From best practice design, manufacture and testing, to full in life support, Trelleborg engineers solutions that deliver long-term stability through an improved ability to handle movement and ageing, and better resistance against temperature and chemical erosion. This also reduces the need for maintenance, an increasingly important criteria given the remoteness of some infrastructure.

To discover more about the issues impacting global water management or Trelleborg’s water infrastructure management offering, download the ‘Raise Your Level’ eBook.

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