Trelleborg is One of the Top 100 Swedish Companies to Work for


Trelleborg is One of the Top 100 Swedish Companies to Work for

Karriärföretagen has included Trelleborg in its 2016 list of the hundred most exciting Swedish companies to work for.

Henrik Dreyer, HR Officer for Trelleborg Group, says: “We are really pleased to be on the Karriärföretagen list of top one hundred career companies in Sweden. Trelleborg was chosen from thousands of companies due to its wide diversity of employees, as well as its development of employees’ skills.” 

According to Karriärföretagen, Trelleborg has been successful in creating a good spread of employees by gender, age and ethnicity. Furthermore, they say that Trelleborg recognizes its employees’ skills are important through the Trelleborg Group University initiative, an internal education program available to all employees.

The Karriärföretagen emblem is the trademark which symbolizes that a company is one of the one hundred most exciting employer in Sweden. After detailed examination, Karriärföretagen annually lists the most exciting companies to work for. Thousands of companies are reviewed and evaluated based on career opportunities and development, employee engagement, international reach, the internal and external employer brand and additional factors. 

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