Trelleborg Exhibits Range of Advanced Syntactic Foams at SAMPE 2014

Trelleborg Exhibits Range of Advanced Syntactic Foams at SAMPE 2014

As a world leader in engineered polymer and syntactic foam-based solutions, Trelleborg’s Advanced Engineering Materials, Manufacturing and Machining (AEM) operation will showcase its comprehensive range of high performance materials at the SAMPE Seattle conference in Washington.
Located on stand B10, the company will give visitors the chance to see its portfolio of advanced materials, including its high performance hollow glass microspheres, Eccospheres® and syntactic foam, Eccofloat®.

Robert Kelly, Vice President within Trelleborg Offshore and Construction, Boston, commented, “Our specialized materials are used in a number of challenging applications, often requiring a solution which provides high levels of resistance, durability and flexibility. As a result, it is imperative that we continue to develop our solutions to meet these increasingly demanding environments.

Solutions and expertise
“SAMPE Seattle provides the ideal platform for Trelleborg AEM to highlight its solutions and expertise on demanding material applications directly to the people who can benefit from them most. It allows us to deal directly with industry professionals and listen to their needs and goals, to ensure we truly align with them. So while innovation is the driving force behind our solutions, our core focus is to perform at every level to meet our customers’ needs.”

Among Trelleborg AEM’s advanced syntactic foams being showcased is Eccofloat® TG-24AE a high strength, machinable syntactic foam. Specially developed for radomes and sensors; TG-24AE exhibits a very low dielectric constant of 1.5 and loss tangent of 0.001 while maintaining a compressive strength of 2,700 psi. This combination of material properties is unmatched by any other solution.

Eccospheres®, manufactured by Trelleborg AEM, will also be presented on stand at SAMPE Seattle. The hollow thin-walled glass microspheres are developed by the company to meet the demanding strength, weight and electrical specifications of its clients in the electronics, aerospace and industrial markets. To the naked eye they resemble a fine, white, free-flowing powder, however magnification reveals them to be near perfect spheres. Eccospheres® are designed to help reduce costs, enhance specific properties and improve material processing.

SAMPE Seattle is a dynamic exhibition of equipment, machinery, and products that showcase the newest advancements and product developments from more than 200 companies. Conference topics will focus on smart materials, resin infusion, design, thermoplastics, sustainable materials, advanced materials, and more.