Trelleborg delivers floatover installation forecast in new whitepaper


Trelleborg delivers floatover installation forecast in new whitepaper

With the oil and gas industry forced to work harder to extract oil around the globe and an increasing reliance on reserves in difficult to reach locations, the resurgence in floatover installation practices continues. In its new whitepaper, ‘The Floatover Forecast’, Trelleborg’s engineered products operation recounts the lessons learned, changes in technologies and materials; as well as the trials and errors that have contributed to developments in the field.

Over the past 15 years in particular, incremental improvements have established the floatover approach as an often preferred alternative to traditional heavy crane lifting. Trelleborg’s JP Chia, has been an active industry expert on the global scene since the technology came to the fore for topside deployments in the early 2000s.

Supported by statistics from a current research paper, the whitepaper details just how far the offshore industry has come in three decades of development of the floatover process and how much further it can advance as oil companies utilize the technology in even harsher environments.

JP Chia, Engineering Manager within Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “Oil and gas exploration continues to grow and develop year on year and as technology becomes more sophisticated, the effectiveness of extraction will further increase. However, as floatover installations increase, it is vital that the industry applies the right thinking to ensure that projects are implemented safely and efficiently from beginning to end.

“Our whitepaper provides details to achieve this, enabling owners, operators, EPC contractors and consultants to confidently keep up to speed with the world of floatover installations.”

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