Trelleborg Delivers First Installation of its Innovative New Drainplus Liner 2.0 in the US


Trelleborg Delivers First Installation of its Innovative New Drainplus Liner 2.0 in the US

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has delivered its first installation of its new innovation Drainplus liner 2.0 for pipeline rehabilitation in North America. The company deployed its new Drainplus Liner 2.0 to the Pine Grove Resort in Northern Wisconsin, to reline a deteriorated cast iron sewer pipe under a concrete floor, without the need to dig it up.

The installation within the hotel complex is the first of its kind in the country. The Drainplus Liner 2.0 provides a single solution that allows for up to two nominal widths of variation in the internal diameter of the host pipe. It is able to travel through 90 degree bends in the sewer and is suitable for steam-curing due to its heat resistant silicone lining (coating). These liner characteristics provide a reliable solution when faced with relining pipes with variations in internal diameter. The option to steam cure in just 45 minutes also provides significant time and cost savings.

Simon Burke, U.S. Rehabilitation Manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, says: “No-dig applications for pipe rehabilitation are growing. The liner’s ability to be steam cured means that reliability, stability and speed of installation are greatly increased. Curing in approximately 45 minutes once it has reached 176 °F / 80 °C, it offers a huge time saving compared with other systems.” 

The sewer at the Pine Grove Resort, which runs under a concrete floor, is approximately 70ft in length and ranges from five to six inches in diameter with heavy tuberculation, making rehabilitation a challenge. The Drainplus Liner 2.0 stretches to the host pipe’s diameter and can be accommodated without any risk of wrinkles or fins in the liner. Without the need to dig the floor up it provides a structural leak-tight rehabilitation solution.

Jeff Healy, Managing Director at installer Great Lakes TV Seal Inc., commented: “There’s been no need for any major construction or disruption to the hotel which is a major benefit.”  

Suitable for pipes and sewers from DN 70/ 3” to DN 250 / 10”, the DrainPlus Liner 2.0 is universally applicable for vertical and horizontal pipelines. The liner only requires low pressure during installation and curing. So as not to cause material waste, Trelleborg provides data to calculate the longitudinal expansion before the applicator commences installation.

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