Range of NORSOK and ISO Certified Materials Demonstrated at Society of Petroleum Engineers ATCE 2015

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Range of NORSOK and ISO Certified Materials Demonstrated at Society of Petroleum Engineers ATCE 2015

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will showcase at ATCE on booth 1807, its expanded line of NORSOK and ISO certified sealing materials that help oil and gas equipment and system manufacturers accelerate business performance.

With more than 20 NORSOK and ISO approved thermoplastic and elastomer materials resistant to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and sour and sweet gas aging, Trelleborg leads the industry in approved NORSOK M-710 materials.

Trelleborg has additionally achieved:
  • NORSOK M-710 Edition 3:2014 / ISO 23936-2 for low temperature HNBR XploR H9T21 compliance to RGD testing
  • NORSOK M-710 Edition 3:2014 / ISO 23936-2 low temperature FFKM Isolast® J9523 to fully meet NORSOK RGD and fluid aging

Trelleborg supports oilfield equipment original equipment manufacturers to achieve higher levels of quality and compatibility for non-metallic seals used in oilfield equipment operations residing anywhere worldwide.

Extending product life and reducing lifetime
“Supporting our vision to provide the highest quality of seals that extend product life and lower downtime, while increasing operator productivity, we are proud to offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of fully approved NORSOK M-710 sealing materials on the market.

Leading oilfield service companies rely on Trelleborg for its shoulder-to-shoulder engineering, decades of experience and ability to promote safety, performance and cost effectiveness for their existing and future oilfield needs and developments,” says Eric Bucci, Segment Manager for Oil & Gas Americas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Meeting evolving requirements
Trelleborg continues to be committed to developing new compounds, sealing profiles and technologies to meet evolving sealing requirements while supporting standards that can provide the oil and gas industry with an unbiased, accurate way to assess performance. Visit us at booth 1807 to discuss your sealing solution requirements.

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