Optimizing Fender Performance is Focus of Trelleborg Marine Systems New 2016 Series of Technical Seminars


Optimizing Fender Performance is Focus of Trelleborg Marine Systems New 2016 Series of Technical Seminars

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation is launching a global series of technical seminars on optimizing fender systems and improving fender performance. Designed to help port authorities, consultants and engineers keep up-to-date on materials innovation and maximizing the operational function of fenders, the sessions are being held between May and September 2016 across North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, comments: “These sessions combine the latest in technical fender innovation with our expertise in developing and delivering global fender solutions to the on- and off-shore community. Reducing port downtime due to fender damage should be a priority across the industry. We will be looking at practical ways to achieve this, as well as explaining how issues such as ingredient mixing and compound composition can either enhance or hinder performance.” 

Fender systems are mission critical infrastructure that must be specified, tested and maintained correctly to optimize and ensure lifecycle performance and value.

Trelleborg’s Smarter Approach technical seminars are day-long sessions that focus on how to lock-in superior fender capability, covering areas such as rubber compound composition and its impact on performance; the drawbacks of using hardness as a measure of energy absorption; ingredient mixing and compound modulus; docking and mooring product innovation and fender selection and correction factors.

To find out more about Trelleborg’s Smarter Approach seminar series, or to register your attendance, contact Ritesh Vyas or Anand Iyer.

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