Mitas Launches Wheel Loader Tire That Makes Farmers’ Lives Easier


Mitas Launches Wheel Loader Tire That Makes Farmers’ Lives Easier

Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, is introducing the new 20.5R25 EMR-01 tire worldwide. Designed specifically for wheel loaders used in farming, its traction type of tread similar to that of a tractor tire, gives it superb self-cleaning properties and outstanding traction. In addition, its 25 inch size alleviates the needs for farmers to swop to a larger wheel rim for agricultural use of the wheel loader.  

Jaroslav Musil, Product Manager for Mitas construction tires, says: “Nowadays, wheel loaders are not only used in the construction industry but more and more in agriculture. The answer that Mitas has for this need is the EMR-01, with its unique traction tread design.”

Best suited for operations on wet, muddy and soft surfaces where good traction characteristics are needed, the Mitas 20.5 R 25 EMR-01 is superior to traditional industrial tire tread patterns in categories L-2 and L-3 in these conditions. The EMR-01 is also suitable for light construction industry use.

Musil added: “Wheel loaders are usually mounted on 25 inch tires with an industrial tread pattern. When farmers want to use the loader for agriculture work, they need to change to 26 inch rims to mount tires with a traction tread pattern. With the Mitas 20.5 R 25 EMR-01, changing from industrial to agricultural tires is much easier, as farmers can mount the tires on to the wheel loaders original 25 inch rims.”

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