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Full service

When a customer of u.k. forklift supplier Briggs Equipment needs a new tire for a forklift, Trelleborg’s service operation Interfit springs into action. 

Part of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, Interfit provides outstanding aftersales tire services on behalf of forklift suppliers across the globe, ensuring customers prompt and efficient tire replacement.

In the case of Briggs Equipment, Interfit does everything from answering customer-service calls from forklift owners and engineers to providing cost estimates and sending out service technicians to supply new forklift tires.

“We arrange and manage all of Briggs’ tire replacement, and work closely to develop sales, deliver training and help to market the aftersales program,” says Luca Giovannini, Innovation and Information Technology Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, Italy.

Interfit helps customers like Briggs across the planet. The service has been a part of Trelleborg since 2011 and is now active in 17 markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

“About 90 percent of our customers are oem equipment dealers who are selling and leasing forklifts and operate aftermarket parts programs,” Giovannini explains. “We work with all the main forklift suppliers and the other part of our customer base is large end users that have significant fleets of their own that they manage.”

Innovative new business concept
Giovannini says that while the exact arrangement varies from case to case, Interfit typically takes service calls from the customer’s customer – forklift purchasers or leasers – and dispatches help. “In some markets, we use mobile presses to replace the tire,” he says. “But in markets where you have difficult traffic or areas that are harder to reach, it makes more sense to turn up with a complete exchange wheel.”

Interfit is now central to an innovative new business concept known as i-Rent, which is aimed at boosting dealer revenue. Forklift companies are currently unable to offer all-inclusive leases to their customers. But with the i-Rent Web solution, dealers will be able to provide agreements to supply all the tires customers will need, with 100 percent confidence. Interfit will replace tires at application-appropriate intervals using high-quality Trelleborg tires. “The impact for customers is potentially enormous,” Giovannini says. “It provides them with a key source of sales and volumes they would struggle to reach today.” 

Overall, Giovannini says, Interfit and i-Rent greatly enhances the business of forklift dealers. “We deliver significant efficiencies, reducing costs and also costs of working capital by managing their tire businesses,” he says. “This means that an Interfit customer receives a revenue stream from tires at minimal cost to themselves.”

Interfit is the world’s leading replacement forklift tire service company and a key partner to the global materials handling market. It operates aftermarket tire programs in the U.K., Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Web-based i-Rent is a service that allows forklift truck dealers to accurately include the full cost of tires in a lease contract. Historically, only a small percentage of lease contracts have made a provision for tires. The service provides an accurate monthly cost for tires over the life of a lease contract and allows forklift dealers to offer their users a single source for parts and maintenance.

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