A pioneer in plastics


A pioneer in plastics

Chinese manufacturer Haitian Plastic Machinery Group is working with Trelleborg to build highperformance injection-molding machines.

Haitian Plastic Machinery Group, a Chinese world leader in manufacturing hydraulic injection-molding machines, was facing new challenges in enhancing the performance of its plastic machinery.

In 2013, Haitian started developing a high- and mid-pressure injection-molding machine, which required a higher level of extrusion resistance, abrasion resistance and compressive ability in seals. Cooperating with Haitian since 1999, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provided a solution to meet the requirements of single function and high side load with a new sealing ring and the whole cylinder sealing solution using Turcon M12 and Orkot C380 materials.

When the global financial crisis of 2008–2009 hit China, almost every domestic business scaled back investment to avoid losses. Haitian, however, expanded its production. Thus, in 2010, when the negative effects of the financial crisis were beginning to recede, Haitian was in a position to rapidly expand its capacity and become a global market leader.

Gao Shiquan, Vice Director Technical Center, Haitian Plastic Machinery Group, joined the company 19 years ago and has witnessed Haitian’s fast development. “The success of Haitian relies on continuous innovation and close contact with customers,” he says.

“In the 1990s, when our customers were mainly from the home appliances industry, we served almost all the popular brands,” Gao says. “In the past decade, the domestic auto industry has developed very fast, so our major clients are now from the auto industry. The current plastic machinery market is mature, but it will develop to meet the demands of specific applications in different industries and will require new materials. 

“If our customers adopt new technologies and new materials in their production, we, as their equipment provider, also need to follow in their footsteps,” Gao says. “For example, automobile manufacturers have begun to use carbon fiber to produce auto parts. 

 “Haitian is a fast-growing company, and it needs to work with superior suppliers such as Trelleborg,” Gao says. “The solutions and the technical support provided by Trelleborg are what we need. When Trelleborg established itself in China, it was perfect timing for both companies to work together.”

In the future, Haitian will focus its research and development on high efficiency and precision. Gao says that even when seals are small, they are very important for the performance of plastic machinery. “Increased cooperation between Haitian and Trelleborg will bring bigger opportunities for both companies in the long run,” he says.

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