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Browse through the latest information and an archive of stories related to the wide number of industries we serve. Most releases are available not just in English but a number of other languages too. Something new is happening all the time, so make sure you visit these pages frequently.

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Farris bridge in Norway
Steadying the bridge
The Farris Bridge in Norway is visually stunning, but its method of construction means it can potentially be subject to vibrations or large rotations and movements. Trelleborg helped resolve this ...
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Red tractor
Trelleborg Promotes Benefits of Correct Tire Pressure Management
As a key sponsor of the European Massey Ferguson MF eXperience Tour 2019, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will be highlighting the importance of correct tire pressure management and showcasing its latest...
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PVC pipes on the ground
Not shook up
When the Kobe earthquake hit Japan in 1995, it claimed more than 6,000 lives, and the devastation to infrastructure including underground pipelines was widespread. But while most conventional conn...
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Trade shows, OTC, Scope of Suply
Trelleborg Looks to the Future at OTC 2019
Trelleborg is looking forward to celebrating 50 years of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the Group’s 46 years of participation. The company looks to the future of energy an...
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Agri plus logo
Trelleborg Wheel Systems announces its exciting new loyalty programme ‘Agriplus’, which rewards farmers for their continued relationship with the brand and its product excellence. Beco...
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Driving innovation
The car you drive today is far from Mr. Ford’s original Model T. The business of designing and building vehicles is changing constantly, and automotive suppliers are key to making them safer...
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Portait of Inderjeet Singh
Globe Trotting
After relocating from India to England, Inderjeet Singh has shifted his focus from seals with complex designs to seals made of innovative materials. But he says the principles of product managemen...
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Hydraulic cylinder app
Hydraulic System Calculator
Get support with your hydraulic component design! As a design engineer working with hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors and pipes, you value practical, intuitive tools to support the design proces...
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Digital image of factory
Trelleborg opens new factory in India
Trelleborg’s antivibration solutions operation has significantly increased its anti-vibration production capabilities in India with the development of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facili...
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Hands holding a biosynthetic skin substitute
Burning matters
When pioneering burn and chronic wound care, specialist Dr. Aubrey Woodroof turned to Trelleborg to help bring his groundbreaking healing concept PermeaDerm to market, the collaboration gave rise ...
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