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Browse through the latest information and an archive of stories related to the wide number of industries we serve. Most releases are available not just in English but a number of other languages too. Something new is happening all the time, so make sure you visit these pages frequently.

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Developing the port of the future
As global trade continues to grow, ports and marine pilots are facing a number of major challenges. Through a recent acquisition, Trelleborg can now offer its SafePilot system for safer and more e...
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Smooth Running
Although not necessarily visible, hydraulic systems are everywhere. They are what make lift mechanisms and mechanical arms work. Advanced seals keep these systems performing effectively. Such sea...
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Trelleborg Introduces Renewables Cable Protection System at Offshore Wind Energy
Trelleborg’s offshore operation will launch its recently qualified, innovative protection system, NjordGuard™, at the Offshore Wind Energy exhibition.  NjordGuard™ is an in...
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Standardized Buoyancy Module, Subsea Buoyancy, Trelleborg Offshore
Trelleborg Develops Standardized Buoyancy Module System
Trelleborg Develops Standardized Buoyancy Module System Trelleborg’s offshore operation recently developed a new Standardized Buoyancy Module system to reduce lead times for customers. An ...
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Participant at the Supplier day in Trelleborg
Supplier dialog for accelerated performance
A Trelleborg Supplier Day was held at the Group’s headquarters in Trelleborg, Sweden, on May 22, 2017, and gathered over 60 participants from major Group-wide suppliers. An introduction was ...
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Winds of change
With interest in renewable energy growing worldwide, Trelleborg is adapting its oil and gas solutions for use in the offshore wind sector, with outstanding results. With much of the world looking ...
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Interview with President and CEO Peter Nilsson
Trelleborg’s journey toward becoming a specialized polymer group continued at a high pace in 2016. The year was characterized by several major corporate transactions. The sek 11 billion acqu...
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Team Trelleborg BP MS150
Trelleborg Joins the Movement toward a World Free of Multiple Sclerosis
Trelleborg’s offshore operation has joined the movement towards a world free of multiple sclerosis thanks to the leadership of Antony Croston, who is serving as the Team Captain for Trelleb...
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Isolast downhole tool sealing arrangement
Trelleborg’s Latest Perfluoroelastomer Material Meets Demanding Enhanced Oil Recovery Requirements
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions uses the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston as a platform to launch its latest Isolast® perfluoroelastomer material development. Specifically engineered for the...
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Trelleborg and ExPert Riser Solutions Partner to Expand Gulf of Mexico Buoyancy Repair Services
ExPert Riser Solutions, located at the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, is now an Authorized Repair Center for Trelleborg’s offshore operation, expanding and improv...
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